Paula Canessa, the Director of Research at chose Beth as one of the nation’s top nutritionist. The diet spotlight is focusing on celebrating top nutritionist of 2017-18 for the prevention of obesity. They have included a personal touch by adding in our take in nutrition and our embark on this journey. It is an honor to be a part of the solution to obesity and an even greater honor to be selected as one of the nation’s top nutritionist amongst so many of Beth’s mentors in the industry. See below for our interview with the diet spotlight and click here to view on

What led you to become a dietitian-nutritionist?

I became a dietitian for two main reasons: 1. I love food. 2. I love helping people. When I was able to fuse together both passions and see how the power of food, such an enjoyable experience, can enhance a person’s quality of life and improve their health, it was the perfect fit. I also love dabbling in a lot of different creative areas including writing, physical activities such as dance, boxing and yoga, cooking and public speaking, which are all areas I work with into the profession seamlessly.

Who was the biggest influence in your career?

There are a lot of influencers in the industry that I look up to, and many are on this list including Dr. David Katz. On a personal note, my father had a big influence on where I am today. He always helped me pursue things I was passionate about while I was growing up in subtle ways just by being there to lend a helping hand. He was featured in a newspaper one year, which is still hanging in his office my childhood home, and there was a quote I remember. He said, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in our life.” At the time, I thought he created the saying It was always instilled in me to pursue something that I truly love and the not only does it fulfill me personally, it helps add the critical layer on authenticity in my counseling which carries over onto clients to truly affect sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

Can you think of a special quote?

One of my favorite quotes is actually from my Jewish upbringing. It’s a motivating affirmation I engraved in Hebrew on a silver ring while I was in Israel. The translation is, “If you believe it’s able to be broken, so too believe it can be fixed” by Rabbi Nachman of Breslin. It reminds me that whatever situation you are in, there’s always a way to come out of it. Nothing is ever hopeless, even if it may seem that way. I try to pass this mantra along to my clients as well when it comes to their weight loss journeys.

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