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3 Reasons Why You FREAK OUT on the Weekends

by Beth Warren January 22, 2022

before leaving their first consult with me
some clients exclaim frantically “BUT WHAT DO I DO ON THE WEEKEND!?” 

I empathize with the feeling, but it helps to put in perspective WHY you feel overwhelmed, and watch how you release some pressure and find your OWN way:

1. It’s unknown. A weekend is generally unplanned so you’re not sure what’s going to come up food wise, socially etc (it helps to never feel “starving” and follow an eating routine so you make mindful choices no matter the situation that comes up)

2. You’re off your routine (but you can establish a weekend one that gives you a level of predictability too!)

3. You feel like you’re “bad” when you are tempted to eat something “not on your diet” (the only “issue” with this is you viewed the food as “bad” to begin with, if you go with the flow and honestly asses your needs, accepting the foods you crave without judgment, you’ll end up eating less of it or passing on other items you would “pick on” because you avoided the one you actually wanted…

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