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by Beth Warren April 29, 2020

Finally, a positive way to look at our COVID19 weight and wellness challenges, or should I say, lack there of. For better or worse, challenges we faced prior to our new normal seemed to have festered away as quickly as this virus spread. At BWN, we’ve been noticing with our clients and ourselves, hot topics that no longer seem to be as scalding of an issue as they once were prior to self-isolation. And while we wish the current times weren’t the reason, we can feel accomplishment in the following challenges that are no longer as overwhelming a barrier to our weight and wellness goals:


1. Weekend is no longer a problem - or should we call this the, “What day is it?” syndrome. Since everyday feels like a weekend, with sedentary tendencies, less barriers inhibiting going in and out of the kitchen and snacking from the cabinets, keeping indoors, and varied sleep patterns, there’s no novelty when it comes to the weekend. Therefore, you are very much ready to combat weekend challenges because you already faced them each day of this quarantine.


2. You’re already working hard each day to establish a schedule - as you may be aware, at BWN we are very much in support of eating as a routine schedule. Since each day of quarantine brings about unknown, you’re already in tuned to establishing a norm for the day. If you’re already thinking about formulating some sort of schedule now that we’ve accepted the new normal, than you can add that extra bit of effort of also thinking about how you can work your meals and snacks into the day too. Therefore, the previous challenges of “forgetting to eat” or “not making time to eat” aren’t as difficult to overcome anymore.


3. Creativity in the kitchen is no longer such a far-fetched idea - oftentimes I hear people become “bored” with eating healthy. Sometimes it boils down to lack of creativity in the kitchen. These days we are more inclined to get creative either from less trips to the grocery store so we have to come up with creative recipes with what we do have stocked in our quarantine kitchens, or because some people may be looking for things to do, or groceries going back like the banana bread craze we talked about (see the recipe by clicking here) 


4. Movement and snacking IS happening - while these two potential challenges to quarantine life were a reality, now they are turning into more of a priority. Whether because we all realize we need to move for even our mental health, going for a socially distanced walk with appropriate safety measurements in place, or walking around the house while taking a work call to help your focus, movement can happen more in daily tasks or self-care times. As for snacking, if you’re like me, a working mom of 6, I’m constantly in the kitchen cooking or feeding somebody. I’m grasping at the opportunities to also eat and snack for myself too. While I’ve been told from people that they may make times for meals, but they don’t have time to snack on a typical day, they can now carve out the time to grab a snack these days.

We want to hear from you! Do you agree with these “lack of challenges”? What challenges that you faced before COVID19 life can you come up with that are no longer a big issue? What are you struggling with? Let us know by replying to this email as we are happy to help!

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