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4 Ways to Start Losing Weight with Your MIND

by Beth Warren May 27, 2022

Change happens at the edge of your comfort zone.

It will feel uncomforable.

Although I look to make the transition as smooth and comfortable at possible, it HAS to feel different than what you are doing in the present moment.

You have to be honest and recognize potentially, what you're doing, how you're eating, lifestyle, sleep, stress, and other parameters are not working towards your goals and maybe even against them with weight gain vs loss.

Sometimes we are recognizing that but when learning about what to change to meet them you resist. You defend what you're doing now. And you're not reconciling the fact that something is not work because you're not reaching your goals.

All of this means you HAVE to embrace the uncomfortable to change. 

See my ways to help this process and what to know to help you start!

4 Ways to Start Losing Weight with Your MIND

1. Be honest with yourself, first. Recognizing what was working and not working for you and accept your need to change.

2. Focus on the ROOT issue/s. Pick one small change you KNOW will spiral into changing other things for the better too. 

3. Recognize your UN-WILLINGNESS in you WILLINGNESS to change. How often are you saying "no"? Do you at least have 2 options to try in each category? Do you keep calling yourself PICKY and therefore, ultimately NOT changing?

4. Let go of the LIE that you need to be PERFECT or do 110% to get results and therefore, do NOTHING because you're waiting of the "right" opportunity. 

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