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4 Ways to Stay Healthy While on Vacation Plus a Shopping List

by Beth Warren January 15, 2018

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Maintaining a healthy diet while traveling can be difficult. On top of that, traveling with kids while keeping kosher makes sticking to your diet seem impossible. But there are ways to make your vacation not only stress free from daily life but also free from the anxiety that you will fall off your diet. Here are 4 things you can do to keep eating healthy:


1.    Get Prepped: The reality is that if you want to eat healthy while traveling, you will have to do some prep work beforehand. Shop for snacks to take with you while traveling and on the trip itself such as snack packs of nuts, trail mix, natural peanut or almond butter and KIND bars. Snacking throughout the day will help curb your cravings and keep you full and satisfied, which will help you avoid bingeing when your child is eating cookies.


2.    Get Focused: Ultimately, keeping on the healthy track requires you to be intensely focused on your goal of sticking to your diet. Think of how we keep kosher, we find the self-discipline to turn down things that are unkosher. Work on using the same act of self-discipline when it comes to unhealthy temptations on your trip because it is important to you.


3.    Get a Treat: The balance between keeping to your diet and having fun which includes indulgence is knowing when something is truly worth it to eat. It may be worse to feel guilty because you passed up on every item that you thought you would enjoy and then overeat later or give up your diet altogether. Try to plan out indulgences as best you can. For example, if you know your family will visit the ice cream shop, look forward and plan for that moment and indulge in a small size. By choosing a mindful treat, you will be less likely to lose control in future moments of temptation and it will help you adhere to your plan long term.


4.    Get In the Non-Negotiables: It’s amazing how easy it is to disregard the things that help us keep focused on healthy eating that have nothing to do with food. First, there’s hydration. Drinking water is so critical to weight but also helps ensure you are eating out of hunger nor thirst, especially if you are traveling somewhere hot. Second, fitness. Keep in mind, exercise doesn’t mean designating the time at the gym (which would be great if you can) but can be any form activity that you may be doing with your family already such as swimming, playing volleyball, doing movement arcade games like dance or visiting a trampoline park and jumping. These other factors will help take the pressure off of what you are eating and allow you to balance out indulgences.


Whatever guidelines you put in place for yourself to keep eating healthy, stick to them while remembering that traveling on a family vacation should be enjoyed. If you slip on your diet, catch yourself quickly and do not compensate by skipping meals or snacks. Remember, no one became obese from eating ONE cookie, and because of that choose your indulgences wisely.


BONUS: We want to help you get prepped! Here is our shopping list of clean foods on the BWN Method to take with you on your trip! PLEASE do not copy without appropriate permission and sourcing of Beth Warren Nutrition, LLC including posts! Tag us @beth_warren we would love to share! To get our full travel list be sure you are on our email list!

Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink Salt popcorn
Skinny Pop (without sugar) 
Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil
Mary’s Gone Crackers
Kind Bar (5g or less sugar, no “soy protein isolate”)
GG crackers
Health Warrior Chia Bar
Health Warrior Protein Bar
RX Bar
Dry Roasted Edamame
Rhythm Superfoods Beet chips (pair with hummus or avocado) (Not Kosher Certified)
Snapea Crisps
Paleo Passion Pops
Eatenlightened Broad Bean Snack - GF, KOSHER, VEGAN
Chick-a-Peas - GF, KOSHER, VEGAN

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars (comes in multiple flavors) - KOSHER, VEGAN
Brad’s Raw Chips
Baked by Bibi’s Cookies and Muffins
Jack’s Snacks

KIND Granola Bar
Navita’s Naturals Power Snacks

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