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5 Things You Can Do To Get Back On Track - RIGHT NOW!

by Beth Warren April 14, 2020

    1.    Leave the past behind. What happened is over and done, so why stress about it? It’s not the one moment that defines you, but what you choose to do moving forward that changes you. 


    2.    Find purpose in what you experienced. Think about what you learned about YOU. From a new treat that wasn’t the healthiest choice but you realize may be the perfect indulgence when a craving hits in the future, to remembering the amazing feeling you felt when you passed on a tempting food that just didn’t do it for you, take something positive out of what ever moment, good or bad and think about how you will grow from it.


    3.    Don’t punish yourself by NOT eating. The biggest mistake we see is avoiding an entire food group or eating completely. The best thing you can do is get your healthy eating routine right back on track. Your body is amazingly resilient and will readjust quickly the faster you snap out of it and eat well and on time.


    4.    Embrace your natural detoxifiers. No need for sexy-sounding but horrible tasting and feeling “detox”. Your body has amazing capabilities on its own to detoxify, namely through sweat, kidneys, and lungs. Why not work with what you got by giving yourself whole foods, an amazing work out and hydrating? Both will be all the detox you need to feel a refreshing reset.


    5.    Find the perfect in your imperfect. We are in unprecedented times with a lot beyond our control. Focus on what you can control and let go of the rest. If your ideal massive salad isn’t an option simply because you don’t have that load of fresh produce given the COVID19 restrictions but you have a few cucumbers, PERFECT! Rejoice and enjoy them, a veggie is a veggie, after all. 


Get over your ideal, accept that it won’t be perfect, stay true to your goal and commitment, and watch how you’ll STILL get there! But with even more feel good feelings because you DID IT DESPITE ALL THE CHALLENGES. 

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