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5 Ways to Beat Summer Weight Gain

by Beth Warren June 20, 2021

It feels counterintuitive - 
with all the inherent parts of summer that work WITH your weight goals,
how come many of us GAIN weight?!

Well, here's common reasons why and how to combat them this summer:

  1. Set realistic summer-specific goals. Guess what? Goals in ALL areas - including what you’re doing with yourself everyday. It’s great that Summer is a time to chill more, but make sure you have a plan to balance the downtime with a routine. 

  2. Stick to a schedule. It's easy to sleep late, watch too much TV, and snack more than usual. Make sure your summer days have some structure — like getting up at the same time each day and eating meals at set times. Plan activities for specific times, like exercising before breakfast, for example. Watch out for all the eating out to, try to schedule that in while also making time to eat at home too.

  3. Keep an eating routine. It’s easy to get caught out, on the beach, perhaps now commuting longer to the office. Make sure you think of head and either bring food along with you or plan your stops to keep you eating about every 3 hours.

  4. Beat the heat. Don't let summer heat put your exercise plans on hold. Move your workout indoors. If you love being outdoors, try joining a local pool or move a regular run or take up a fun sport, like I do with softball!

    5. Think about what (and how) you eat. Summer means picnics and barbecues — activities that revolve around an unlimited spread of food. Pace yourself. Don't overload your plate. Avoid going back for seconds and thirds. Choose seasonal, healthy foods like fresh fruit instead of high-sugar, high-fat desserts. Make catching up with family and friends your focus, not the food. Another good tip for summer eating is to limit frozen treats like ice cream to no more than once a week or so and when you REALLY want it.

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