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5 Ways To Boost Your Mood - RIGHT NOW

by Beth Warren July 10, 2020

Obviously, your mood affects how you eat and motivated you feel, so putting attention to it IS 100% a part of the process of weight loss or maintenance. Here’s how you can help give yours a boost: 


1. Wear an outfit that just makes you smile by looking at it (and you know makes other smile when they see it👆🏻) I get tons of questions about my style choices and a major part boils down to assessing my mood and using what I pick out to wear for a little extra 👊🏻


2. Work. It. Out. It’s no secret I move as much as I do because it’s my ultimate stress reducer, the physical benefits are just icing on the cake you get to eat 🤣 (*sarcasm*)- I may be bias but, I recommend it be boxing for the ultimate release 🥊


3. Treat. Yo. Self- and I don’t even mean the munchie kind if that’s not your jam- splurge on cut up fresh fruit, a store bought salad, smoothie or coffee - these bring a smile to my face- although not gonna lie, sometimes it’s all of the above in one day to get me to crack one 🤭💰


4. Smile. No, really! It’s science- a 😄 sets off chemical reactions that actually do make you happier. Even better? Do it in public bc smiles are contagious and you can make someone else happier too! (Which cycles back to you and makes you even happier!)


5. Say something nice. TO YOURSELF. Posted a question box on my stories while looking in a mirror asking you all to do this and got the nicest things you say to yourselves. I’ll never forget one of my first clients going through a lot, couldn’t do this and it was heartbreaking- because we ALL have worth and value- so be nice to you and a call it out loud!


🙏🏻This post actually felt nice in how quick I was able to write my go-to’s to help my mood,

no shame in that,

❓What are yours!?


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