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5 Ways to Eat Well with the Kids Home

by Beth Warren June 21, 2022

I opened up a question box in my stories about the challenges with kids being home from school now. I TOTALLY get it as I’m balancing my 6, work and my training. 


Here’s how to manage your food too Mommas with tips I ACTUALLY USE:


  1. Get up earlier. I not only get some BWN work in mad early when they’re home (sorry to those getting my 5 am emails ­čś│) but I also grab a workout before I’m really “needed” (aka before they’re tearing each others hair out (moms know what I mean there ­čśë)
  2. Be flexible and pivot, at the same time if the timing doesn’t workout be open to jump into SOMETHING, with your workout and whipping up food for you too when you feel they “lull” happen (they happen with all kids… it is a 24 hour day they eventually do chill a minute, grab they one)
  3. Don’t overthink your baseline strategy of basics. Jump rope while they’re chilling, make a quick egg even if you have to stand while eating it, whatever! Don’t underestimate the power of doing SOMETHING even if it’s not everything 
  4. STEER CLEAR OF PITFALLS THAT YOU KNOW CHALLENGE YOU ALREADY. Why would you sit in front of their dinner that challenges you when you can still hang with them and move about your kitchen? Why buy a snack for them that also tempts your when there’s one to get right next to it that you hate but they’re good with? Know yourself and stop panicking about who you are, you’re okay.
  5. Prep. I know, *eyeroll* but really my pet peeve is someone eating something because they were honestly hungry and didn’t have something they actually wanted more healthful with them. You have to see what’s thrown every I go, my bag, my car, my gym bags, my offices etc. don’t overcomplicate it because I’m not only talking about meals! Packs of nuts, kind bars even dried fruit… whatever! It’s way worse to have zero even if it’s only a mind win, moms know our sanity is everything!


What’s your best tips to keep it healthy together with the kids?


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