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5 Ways to Turn-it-Around

by Beth Warren November 19, 2021


1. Set an intention for the day- before you even get out of bed! 

2. Try to elongate your morning, even if it’s just a little, to allow for a calming feel to ease you in (for me, it’s coffee sips!

3. Breakfast- no, seriously, cooking yourself up with some TLC REALLY helps set off your day- not just with your weight and food choices the rest of it (I made spicy shakshuka today! ūü§§)

4. Move, but think outside the box… fall is my favorite outdoor workout weather, I pick a lake, a park or trail near me, the scenery of the leaves changing colors is worth it in itself!

5. Speak nicely to yourself. Say something kind to you. I always say sustainable changes come from a place of positivity. Accept whatever it is that’s making you feel blah and keep moving forward anyway!

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