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A Healthier Hamentashen

by Beth Warren March 6, 2020

A completely grain-free, gluten-free hamentashen...


Say What, Now?


Yup, you read right. Everyone always asks for a a "healthier" version of classics they enjoy. I prefer simply creating a version because it tastes yum and happens to be healthier too.


By changing the primary focus you're assuring yourself you WILL feel just as satisfied by its enjoyment 


All to often if peope create a "healthy cookie/muffin/cake" they just start stripping it of all the main components just because they categorize them as "fattening". But then all you are left with is something so BLAH that it not only didn't even satsify the craving you intended, you still ended up having a load of carbs or whatever else was in it.


Ultimately, you need to keep all the same compenents of a food item to chemical achieve the recipe to completion. Here, I focused on QUALITY ingredients to be succesfull in the same yumminess, without losing the quality of the actual treat.


Here's a video tutorial to making my favorite Healthier Hamentashen that was originally featured for your printing needs HERE.



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