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by C.D February 1, 2023

A healthy gut protects us from diseases and ailments. Probiotics increase production of healthy bacteria in the gut. Read on for more information!

You're one step closer to a healthier gut and a healthier YOU.

To put it simply there are millions and millions of bacteria living in our gut that keep our immune system and body strong in order to ward off pathogens and diseases. These good bacterias can be killed or harmed through different environmental factors  Some factors include taking antibiotics, eating excess sugar, having too much stress, and an overall lack of... PROBIOTICS.
Probiotics can be naturally derived from different foods like sauerkraut  yogurt, kefir, fermented fruits and veggies, kombucha, kimchi and more! When food is not always enough, there are supplemental probiotics we can ingest to speed up the increase of healthy bacteria in our guts' microbiome. 

CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE FOR PICKED FERMENTED VEGGIES , a great way to use up up old vegetables and reclaim your gut!


HERE ARE MY TOP THREE PROBIOTIC RECOMENDATIONS that I refer to clients with various conditions and use myself as well. The recommendations vary depending on the clients symptoms and situation, chronic or acute etc. 

1. MEGA-FOOD: plant based blends with all natural ingredients. They have a great immune boosting variety blend of probiotics acting as a light baseline. They have one made for women specifically and another for overall GI discomfort. 
2. Klaire Labs: This is for someone with more intense stomach and gastrointestinal issues. Perhaps you've been on antiThis is a great  quality probiotics. 

3. VSL #3 is last, most potent, and most researched one. I typically recommend it for people with more extreme and severe and their guts are seeking a lot more intense TLC. 


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