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by Beth Warren July 3, 2017

At a glance, pepper steak seems like a well balanced healthy (ish) dinner. You’ve got your carb, protein and vegetable all on one plate! But when you take a closer look this dinner is a RD’s worst nightmare! The lean protein and veggies are coated in a thick sauce (our nightmare).

The sauce is high in sugar and SALT! That’s right, you heard me, the sweet sauce is actually very high in salt. Salt is added to balance the sweetness and to extend the shelf-life of the product. We’ve all hear that high sodium intake contributes to high blood pressure right? So that’s strike 1.

Lets talk about the sugar. These sauces are super high in sugar, and we’re not talking coconut sugar, agave or honey-. We’re talking high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup is devoid of any nutrients and it causes spikes in your blood sugar. And that’s strike 2.

At Beth Warren Nutiriton we believe in eating real food and so you don’t have to worry, we’re not going to make you give up your favorite dinner. And so we did some recipe testing. With the help of google (taco seasoning recipe) and Grow and Beholds (thanks for providing us with grass fed beef) we came up with a delicious and nutritious alternative!

By: Joan Mosseri

Pepper Steak


Grass fed Beef

 1 onion, chopped

 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

 6 tsp "taco seasoning" (see recipe below)

 1 package baby peppers


1)  Rub seasoning on meat

 2)  Brown meat in olive oil

  3)  Remove meat from the pan- make sure to leave the juices

   4)  Add the onion and peppers to the pan and sautee until soft

   5)  Add meat and cook on low flame for 5 minutes

Taco Seasoning


6 tsp chilli powder

5 tsp paprika

 4 1/2 tsp cumin

 3 tsp onion podwer

 2 1/2 tsp garlic powder

  1/8 tsp cayenne pepper


Combine all ingredients and mix well

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