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Fun Facts About Beth

by Beth Warren December 26, 2020


­čĹőMy platform has grown so I thought I’d throw out some fun facts to get to know me better.

  • I’m a mom of 6, and founder of a full service, insurance based, nutrition practice, Beth Warren Nutrition, located in NY, NJ and virtually around the world.
  • I’m a proud Jew and I keep Kosher since birth (i.e.: I’ve never eaten a cheeseburger or shellfish or pork). My strongest influence (especially in cooking) is my Syrian heritage but I also have Ashkenazic Eastern European roots too. (Yes, we Jews are all ONE­čÖî­čĆ╗, but we are NOT the same culturally)
  • I get just as much from the clients I work with than they get from me. I’ll never take the position I’m in and the trust I receive for granted.

  • I don’t “preach” anything I don’t “practice”. It doesn’t mean I’m perfect at it by any means, but you bet I work my tush off and try. I will always lead with my authentic self.


  • I have yet to counsel on anything I haven’t tried- it’s how I got to boxing in the first place after helping a fighter make weight.


  • I may be described as positive or seem like I make it look “easy”, but that doesn’t mean I don’t fight very hard battles every day just like everyone else. I always say “our stories are the same, just our details are different.”


  • I think it’s really important to work hard and push for what I want, but learning as I grow older, it’s equally important to recognize when it’s not meant for you and when to walk away. Neither mean success or failure because Gd has your best interests in mind- you learn and grow from both.

  • My goal in life is to help people find their own “normal” and live healthily and happily- the mind is just as important to me as the body (and the soul even more so)

  • I’ve never done something that didn’t make sense to me. I have to find MY truth in everything. I’ll search as long as it takes if it’s an important something. (My own sense of modesty and being true to my vibe in my religion is a big example)

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