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Healthy Halloween Tips

by Sarah Harari October 4, 2018

    Kids love trick or treating and stuffing their little baskets with plenty of snacks and chocolates which are being consumed at enormous quantities. There are few tips you can implement to better manage halloween sugar rush. 
    Find the balance; make sure that your kid gets highly nutritious breakfast, lunch and a well- balanced dinner before going trick or treating. Being full he will eat fewer candies. 
     Take charge; offer your kid candy with a fruit or vegetable at the same time. Keep the candies out of sight and you decide when it is the snack time and how much candies your child will have. 
    As for handing out the candies make sure that you buy single serving packages and less sugary snacks. Choose from variety of healthy fruit snacks; fruit leather, fruit stix & twist, apple chips, trail mix, pretzels, crackers, rice thins, snackimals, popcorn etc. In addition, you might include small toys like glow sticks, erasers and tattoos.      

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