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Holiday Tablescape Inspo!

by Beth Warren March 19, 2021

For Inspo, not everything has got to be so HEAVY.

Yes, the emotions are,

but let's focus on something light and airy for added motivation to feel good and empowered.

There are ways to use external inspiration in completely unrelated avenue that just make you feel good to transfer over to your need for motivation in your eating habits and food choices too!

One area that helps me is getting into my tablescapes. I promise myself each year, I'm not going to get too into it, and then I do.

Why? Because I enjoy it, it makes me feel good, it helps inspire my cooking and absolutely helps inspire my eating too!

Plus, it does NOT have to be expensive. I'm also including my "quarantine Passover" tablescape where I literally took florals off the local trees and used whatever I found around my house for decor.

I hope this helps inspire you to help yourselves with outside inspo to inspire your health goals too!



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