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How I'm OKAY with Treating Myself

by Beth Warren December 19, 2020

I get this question all the time
“How do I be okay with treating myself and not going off the rails”
In fact, it’s one the biggest reasons why people choose us to help them at BWN with their nutrition goals.

First of all, you are “okay”, there’s nothing wrong with you. We have to take off that pressure and it needs to sincerely be felt.

Leading with “I can’t/won’t eat anything” at parities or social situations, a part of our reality over and over again, just won’t cut it long term.
Learn strategies around real life scenarios.
You’re never “off or on your diet”
you’re just living...
Learn how to be in sync with all parts of you,
because we all need more of YOU in the world,
exactly as you are.

How I'm OKAY with Treating Myself:

  1. I know what does it for me and what I can pass on and I follow through on what works for me
  2. I don’t feel pressured by what others are doing/eating. Instead, I focus inward and act on what I’m doing/feeling.
  3. I never go anywhere starving. Ever. It’s always better to eat something with protein/fiber, even if it’s extra. Guarantee- you’ll eat more if you’re hangry.
  4. I drink. (Not the alcohol type unless that’s my treat of choice ­čśő). I really put an effort to keep well hydrated and definitely 
  5. I never tell myself I can’t. I’m honest with my wants and needs and accept them with love.


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