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How to ACTUALLY eat well during the COVD19 crisis

by Beth Warren March 31, 2020

Our expert guidance is always intended to be practical and realistic. We want you to come away after speaking to us and say, “Uh... I can DO that!” Therefore, while we are trying to help you get through the COVID19 crisis with your weight and health goals in tact, we heard you when you replied, "This all sounds great, but how am I ACTUALLY going to do this." From homeschooling, WFH (working from home), carving out time for self care, Spring cleaning, and many people prepping for holidays, we get it. Forget about what, HOW can you realistically eat with your entire family around and other responsibilities and limitations pulling at you?


We GOT You!


BWN top 4 tips on: 
"How you’re going to actually 'do this' weight and wellness thing"


1. Eat with your kids. Yup! You read right, advice may be the opposite at a different time, but in this COVID19 new normal, scheduling your eating around your family may allow you to actually make time TO eat before you get pulled into something else.

2. Take stock of your stock. We can understand if shopping isn’t a possibility as frequently if at all. So, right now, stop and take stock of your actual real time stock. Then, plan what you’re going to eat accordingly. Eating well becomes a lot more difficult if you come to the pantry or fridge with an intent but then see you or the kids finished it. You may be less likely to grab an item outside your goals if you know what else is actually available.


3. Whenever you do cook or prep a meal or snack, MAKE MORE! I wish I was like some of these "meal preppers" and prep an entire week in advance like them, but I'm not on a normal day, let alone with 7 mouths to feed and currently being unable to keep running to the grocery store. What helps me is to make double portions of anything I AM actually eating to use for later and/or the next day. And let's face it: if I don't use it, most likely somebody else in my household will.


4. Change it up and make it fun. Have a dish you only reserved for company that won't be in your home for a while with self-isolating? Always wanted to food style like your favorite Instagrammer? Now's your chance! Even if your're doing it just for you (or ESPECIALLY because it's just for you) give yourself that extra bit of love and attention to help look forward to getting in the kitchen and eating well.


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