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How to Actually Make Time to Eat

by Beth Warren June 12, 2020




I often hear a frustration when people wonder,

“Will I have to eat like this forever?!”


“I don’t want to think about food all day”


“I want to just eat whatever”


AKA - people want to feel that eating mindlessly is OKAY. Because ultimately that’s what it is. The act of NOT thinking about your food translates to mindless eating. Guess what? Mindless eating IS a massive part of what causes WEIGHT GAIN.


So, ask me again why you have to actually think about food all day? Because that IS what’s normal. Redefining what is or is not normal is the first step to taking action. And one major course of action is ACTUALLY thinking about when and what you are eating.


Yes, it takes a lot of thought. In fact, it takes the TOP of your thoughts during the day. In our uber busy lives, it’s impossible to remember to eat or have what to eat on hand if we do NOT think about it. 


The reality is we think about all things that are important to us and that we do not want to miss, so much so that we may set reminders to actually do them. Why then, if your weight and health is as high a priority, do you not need to think about it too? Perhaps setting reminders as well to ensure you do it is a normal thing? Why is it so farfetched to come to terms with the fact that, yes, you do NEED to think about food all day in order to be healthy, because everything else that matters NEEDS thought too?


So, instead of questioning, start accepting what IS normal. Once you embrace it, eating well actually happens BECAUSE you thought about it. Of course, this means you’ll get to your weight and health goals too, making the “thinking about food all day”, feel a lot more a part of you than such an effort.

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