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How to Get Over the Wintery Weight Loss Funk

by Beth Warren February 20, 2021

The winter mood struggle is real for us all. 

I know this because 

I opened my "question box" on my Instagram stories (click here)

and I got asked the question:

"How do I get out of my winter diet slump?"

It got me thinking,

and here's what I came up with:



  1. Vitamin D. Not just a vitamin. It acts more like a hormone and is majorly involved in your MOOD. Since it largely comes via sunlight hitting your skin, you can likely benefit from a supplement. Your MD can perform bloodwork to see how extreme a deficiency may be.

  2. Warm up with FOOD. Yup, you heard right. Heat is released when food is digested. It’s called the thermic effect of food. BUT since our body is craving warmth during the winter months, it automatically calls out to carbs - our bodies primary source of fuel for survival. HOWEVER, any foods will release heat through digestion. So, intentionally refocus your overall intake to a balance of foods that make you feel good all around.

  3. Stick to a regular schedule.

  4. Reach out for a support. And not just a support group, even family or friends can help. If not as an accountability partner, it can help your mood to feel connected.

  5. Exercise daily. Keep active and moving is a constant fixture in anything wellness and weight. But it does NOT have to be extreme. Consistency over quantity is key for not only your weight, but your mood too.

  6. Switch up your routine. Try that fitness class you were wondering about, or that recipe that looked good.

  7. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Try, but be kind to you. If you’re not feeling it, step back. You know yourself best. Tomorrow is a new day.

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