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How to Have a Vacation Without a Vacation

by Beth Warren February 6, 2021

I returned this week from my first family vacation in a LONG time.


We’ve all gone through ALOT this year.


Even if the specifics were different, there’s also commonality in the struggles we faced.


But it got me thinking:


I know going away was a privilege that I felt I worked very hard for but was a ultimately still a privilege.




how can I help some of you FEEL like you took a vacation, WITHOUT a vacation.




one thing I realized,


is that even though we can physically be on a vacation,


it may not feel like a vacation (especially traveling with kids) without setting an intention,


keeping a focused mindset,


or repeating matras,


that help you get EVERYTHING you’re looking to reset and refresh out of it.

Here's How You Can Feel a Vacation Without a Vacation:

1. Prep your home. You wouldn't vacuum on a regular vacation, and you shouldn't vacuum during your staycation, either.

2. Disrupt your routine.

3. Stop working. 

4. Plan your re-entry.

5. Spice it up with a new recipe from a place you want to visit.

6. Learn a new language or speak a foreign one that you know.

7. Unplug from your phone.

8. Shake up a new drink.

9. Host a home yoga retreat.

10. Escape into the pages of a travel book.

11. Take a safari through your backyard.

12. Watch an international film.

13. Make friends from around the world.

14. Curate the perfect vacation playlist.

15. Visit a destination virtually.

(or Pelaton)

16. Treat yourself to a spa day.

17. Reminisce with souvenirs and photos.

18. Snap a selfie of your experiences.

19. Put on your summer scent or background music like ocean waves.

20. Plan a day trip. And if it can’t be a whole trip, walk and brows a local neighborhood, sip a coffee in a coffee shop - those are my two “staycation” faves that work wonders for me, even if I have only moments.

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