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by Beth Warren June 26, 2020

Trust me, I feel it too.
And I’m not special.
Life has been CRAZY.
And just when we think we adjusted,
We are forced to pivot again.

Here’s how I keep sane:
­ččíSelf talk myself a billion times a day, like a mantra, “this too shall pass”, it calms me plus it’s true
­ččíGive myself BITS of what I need without overthinking it too much, being aware that when I find the opening to take it down a notch, I recognize and act on that too (AKA WAYYYY TOO MUCH CAFFEINE RN)
­ččíWork very hard to work in self-care that is NOT selfish, even if it’s not an ideal way, like boxing here with my son bouncing a basketball to keep busy and taking photos or working out outdoors with my kids fighting on the swings 
I can’t “escape” these days like I usually need for my full release physically and mentally, so I take what I can get AND IT STILL HELPS!
­ččíFinding a “safe haven” when you need even just a minute to catch a breathe! Aka “my car” (yup, writing this post from inside it)
­ččíRecognizing I’m NOT superwomen and knowing when I need help, even if it’s an investment, I rather shift funds to do what I need- identify the area you either need the most or is most feasible for you to get it (trying to juggle working virtually with 6 kids not in camps and transitioning to a summer rental lasted about 1 day until I scrambled for a mothers helper which was THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT CALL FOR MYSELF AND THE KIDS- thankful for you followers for helping me out on that one!)

­čĺŤBasically, I’ve consistently worked on NOT having an all or nothing mentality, in my life or my nutrition approach, and I find that’s the key for also being able to find your way to get results in anything you do in life, (or just getting through it these days ­čśů) food or otherwise. Because it’s about the moments you grab, each STEP you TAKE, with INTENT that you WILL absorb every drop of the boost you’re looking to get out of it.

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