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How to Keep Motivated During Hectic Transitions

by Beth Warren September 4, 2020

This Fall, more than ever, we are all forced to face life-altering decisions.

During this time many people completely lose it when it comes to pursuing whatever goals they have, weight or otherwise. But when that happens they feel defeated, and unmotivated not only in that area, but in pushing through the challenges life inevitably serves them at a given time.

I’m always about being realistic with your life in pursing a goal. I take these moments as learning experiences to help deal with the next tipsy-turvy throw life gives us.

it’s not a time to completely throw in the towel. In fact, it’s how you handle these times that prove to YOU how successful you’ll be with your weight and health goals LONG TERM.
By keeping new mantras in mind to help guide you, and leave the all or nothing mentality behind, you’ll find a way to keep in it and when life calms down a bit, you won’t be far from making the full effort you wanted,
or perhaps you may realize that you’re getting by just fiinnneee
without all that pressure for perfection

SEE THE INFOGRAPHIC BELOW  with words, or phrases, I live by when life feels chaotic- especially during transitional times like coming into Fall. 


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