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How to Snack Healthily

by Beth Warren June 28, 2022

Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I am VERY into eating every few hours which includes balanced snacks.

Here’s the low down how to make them work for you:

1. Balance of whole fiber and protein (meaning not the Gunk of artificially fortified fiber snacks)

2. Focus on fresh, Whole Foods as much as possible

3. Utilize low processed low sugar balanced options like kind bars to satisfy sweet cravings and grab n go

4. Always be stocked in all things you use and carry like bags offices and cars- your reason for skipping a snack when you’re hungry should never be “I didn’t have it on me”

5. Keep a log not only to help “munching” and grazing but to remember choices to go back to

6. Don’t graze that’s not a snack that’s munching, eat something balanced it enough it’ll hold you at least two hours

Want actual ideas for snacks in another reel?! Comment YES below!

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