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Infused Water

by Beth Warren May 30, 2018

With the summer just around the corner I find it extra important to make sure to always keep hydrated in the heat. Hydration is extremely important because it helps our bodies perform to the highest level with out feeling any sense of fatigue. A way I like keeping hydrated is by drinking infused waters. Infused water is super tasty and it’s so convenient to sip on throughout the day. A great thing about infused water is that you can still enjoy a flavorful beverage with out all of those unnecessary calories. Aside from the delicious taste, infused water has many benefits. Some benefits include clearer skin and weight loss. We all know how our water intake plays a huge roll in weight loss well, drinking infused water will only help increase your water intake. Infused water is also proven to boost your metabolism, improve your mood, reduce muscle fatigue while working out, and it flushes toxins throughout your body. Give it a try! It’s easier than it looks! Just take any fruit, vegetable and/or herb and immerse it into cold water. How refreshing?!

Just a few tips; Keep a pitcher of infused water in your refrigerator, it’s easily accessible and will encourage you to drink more water. Or, try the travel infused water bottle so you can enjoy your infused water on the go!

Try a few of my favorites..

Strawberries + Oranges (to boost your immune system)

Watermelon + Mint (to guard against muscle soreness)

Lemon + Cucumbers + Mint (to relief bloating)

Ginger + Lemon (to cure nausea)

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