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Just Don't Get Hit: How To Just Make it WORK

by Beth Warren April 16, 2021

In boxing, my coaches have told me, the quintessential overthinker, an answer to questions that I found myself using with clients at BWN this week:




You see:

There’s the technical aspects of boxing.

The perfection of a punch, a combo, a strategy-

the “traditional” way to do things 

that are prove to work every time 

for the GENERAL fighter to make a move. 


emphasis on the world “general

Sure, it’ll work in a way,

but that doesn’t mean it entirely will work FOR YOU,


that YOU cannot be successful another way,


that it even really matters if you’re 1000% perfect,

because ultimately the goal is to -




when a client who was used to extreme diets in the past,

was asking whether or not it was a “good” decision to choose an almond flour-maple syrup based cake 

vs a traditional bakery-type cake,

when really they may have even both been  comparable calories and sugar,

she explained the bakery cake would’ve unraveled her on a downward spiral of more unhealthy choices,


the questions stopped being about 

Did I make the right choice to reach my weight loss goals?

and instead was,

Did I make the right choice FOR ME at the TIME to keep on track towards my weight loss goals?


Ultimately, a win is a win guys, and there’s other ways to get there. Sometimes you have to just make an instinctive reactionary decision with a challenge faced in front of you that feels right FOR YOU,



Here’s how to work on this mentality to ACTUALLY get results:

  1. Work on your “all or nothing mentality”. Why? Because it does NOT work- definitely not in the long, but often not in the short, term.
  2. Don’t underestimate the small shifts. They’re what gets you to the big picture.
  3. Focus on CONSISTENCY not PERFECTION. It’s much more effective to workout for 20 minutes a day than 2 hours one day, for a example. 
  4. EXPECT to “fall off”, “cheat”, “move backwards”, They’re actually a PART of moving forward, NOT a cause for regression. 
  5. Never, ever, feel shame, less of yourself, and/or insecure, for feeling like this sh** is HARD. Being honest about the process helps you work through it with less stress NOT more.


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