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Keeping the Kids Active Indoors

by Beth Warren March 23, 2020

We are coming to terms with the new reality since the spread of COVID-19. But the realization doesn’t have to be dreadful. This morning, my instastory quote from last year popped up on my iphone. It was a Jewish saying from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, “It is a mitzvah (good commandment) to be perpetually happy.” How apropos is the timing for such a declaration! The knowledge that being happy is within our power and a positive action we absolutely should seek and practice daily. It’s not to say it’s as easy as a snap of the finger. On the contrary, it takes work, especially these days.


Today I am focusing on the blessing that I have the kids to homeschool, despite the frenzy that ensues as we are all try to keep it together. One area I’m struggling with, especially as I write this looking out the window at a rainy NYC day, is keeping the kids active. It’s an area I know well not only as a fitness enthusiast myself, but a topic my RD’s and I counsel at BWN daily. Yet, I’m still feeling stumped with exciting ideas for them. I’m sharing our tips and tricks here along with some new ones I whipped up to keep things uplifting and motivating during this time.



1. Freeze Dance

The rules are simple: dance when the music plays and when the designated DJ stops the music, everyone freezes. Better yet, tap into all those childhood games we grew up with like “Red Light, Green Light,” or “Mother May I.”

2.  Yoga JENGA

Use a pencil to write down a yoga move on each JENGA block. Set up the tower and play the game as usual, but every time a block is pulled out, every player has to do the specific yoga move. If the tower falls, do the plank for 30 seconds.

3. Set Up A Maze or Obstacle Course

Turn the hall into a “laser” maze with yarn. Zig-zag yarn from varying heights and challenge your kids to get across without touching the laser.

4. Scavenger Hunts
 Write up clues and hide them around the house. Kids can race to find each clue for a small prize at the end.

5. Use the Wii Fit or Other Electronics

Kids are always looking for more screen time, why not make it into something active? 

6. Jump on the Bed 

The kid in me always wanted to say and do this, let’s be honest. But obviously, be safe.

7. Make Activity Stations throughout the House

Make signs and each ‘area’ has an activity: jumping jacks, crawling through tape/rope, planking etc. Set a timer, then rotate through the stations.

8. Check out GoNoodle

There are physical activities options that you can do in a small space!

9. Bust Out Any Toy to Play With Inside, Even the Outdoor Ones!

Of course, now’s the time to grab that hula hoop, scooter, or jump rope. Take stock of anything you have on hand and schedule an official “recess” time with them.

10. Bust Out Your Workout Toys

Let’s face it - kids like doing whatever we enjoy doing. With parental supervision, and with what is age appropriate, allow them to use certain equipment. For me, I have workout bands, 1 lb dumbbells and 1 lb ankle weights my kids love using. So, roll out the mat and either guide them through a work out or have them freestyle and teach you!

­čÖî­čĆ╗Need more support? Our Beth Warren Nutrition offices are now setup completely for VIRTUAL TELEHEALTH APPOINTMENTS to accomodate your entire family during this crucial time. Call us 347-292-1725 (MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTED)

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