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Lose Weight and Curb Cravings

by Beth Warren November 3, 2017

These date balls, (recipe by our client) are great for workout recovery or a snack anytime to curb cravings. He lost a whopping 74 pounds to date and our team could not be more proud!

Read his testimonial and favorite snack recipe below:

“This past November after getting to a point that my size 2X shirts weren’t fitting me anymore, I decided that I WANTED to lose weight. My wife told me that she got a nutritionist’s phone # from our children’s pediatrician. That nutritionist was none other than Beth Warren. 
I took the phone # and made my first appointment for the very next morning at 9:30 to meet with her associate Jenna -Ann DelBorello @jenna_ann116 . That meeting lasted 45 minutes. I remember laughing at Jenna when she told me what I can’t eat anymore, and that I also have to start exercising. I walked out of there thinking that this isn’t gonna work for me, but since I took the first step I have to at least try. At that point I didn’t even set a goal. The first week was quite an adventure that I couldn’t believe I was on. I remember telling my wife before my first follow up weigh in that if I didn’t lose any weight that week then I’ll quit. Thankfully, I lost 3lbs that week, between that and Jenna’s coaching I haven’t stopped. 
She basically taught me about portion control, discipline ( especially on Shabbat and Holidays) & most of all to believe in myself!
One of my Children even told me “Daddy I want to meet Jenna, she’s a magician” 
“To date I’ve lost a total of 57lbs, which makes it 2lbs a week consecutively for the last 28 weeks. 
With Beth’s help I’m looking forward to reaching my goal weight soon.”

Easy Date Balls


Pitted dates
Dry apple rings
Raw almonds
Cinnamon & coconut flakes
Once blended together form them in to balls and coat them in the coconut


  1. Process each separately, then put all ingredients (excluding the coconut) back in to the food processor.
  2. Forms into balls and roll in coconut.
  3. Freeze and enjoy!
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