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December 29, 2022

Life gets busy. Dare I say it even gets crazy, sometimes?
  No matter what you do or how you fill your day, as busy adults, there are always times in our lives when we lose our appetite. Whether it's due to a stressful, non-stop busy, or emotional time period, I don't doubt there were moments when your appetite simply dissipates. 
Under times of stress, our cortisol levels elevate drastically. This can suppress our fullness and hunger cues because the neurons firing in our brain are stress-responding to other businesses. 
  Although the hunger cues may have temporarily disappeared, our bodies are still in need of proper nourishment and food, despite the lack of a rumbling stomach.  
Simply put, our bodies rely on fuel and energy to survive which comes directly from food.     When we lack nutritious food, we do not have the fuel to allow our bodies to go about their natural and important activities, such as helping us breathe, keeping our blood flowing, our hearts pumping, and endless other activities. 
  So, now that we understand how important food truly is, and we know it is still needed even if we do not feel hungry at the moment because we shut off that cue, how can we ensure we are still eating? 

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