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Mini Hammies

by Beth Warren February 25, 2020

That time I got over making a red meat (albeit extra lean) for a weekday dinner,
when I realized it was a home run with EVERY CHILD in the Warren household
and my kids eat way more veg than many other nights with it.
It’s always important to take a step back,
know and be honest with your own family’s eating patterns,
what the do and do not do,
and make a decision,
keeping evidence based research in context,
that benefits them as a WHOLE.

Take advantage and make the focus all about the veggie bar!
🙋🏼‍♀️What’s your fave fam dish that encourages them to eat an all around more well balanced meal!? I could use your secrets 👇🏻

Warren Kids' Fave Sliders

An extra lean spin on some cutie sliders


1 lb extra lean beef
1 heaping tablespoon natural onion soup mix from the Israeli shuk from @all_shuk_up 


Grilled on grill pan and done!

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