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My clients who lost weight on a holiday or vacation DID THIS

by Beth Warren April 29, 2022

First off: allow me to start off by saying- this is pure summary of what I’ve seen at a higher level, not a shaming of good or bad, right or wrong. 
Nor does it say anything about where you go from here, that’s entirely your decision and absolutely within your power.
Based on this week here’s what I saw so it can make some of you feel less alone:
1. First time I’ve seen weight loss over a Passover by some clients. In my expert opinion I feel it’s because: 
A. Those client recently started managing their diet (meaning way of eating by definition not restriction), 1-3 or so weeks prior. So based off what they were doing prior, being mindful on Passover helped.
B. The way Gd made Passover fall out this year was to a weight plus- “chag” part was over a Shabbat and we had in between time to balance it out if we grabbed the opportunity.
2. Most people who “tried” and over all did well either stay the same or went up about 1-2 pounds. This is mostly because so many parameter beyond our control that disrupt your normal routine that I stress is key- your consistency was disrupted either with portion sizes of matzah if you needed to do it from a religion perspective, timing of eating etc!
3. Most people came in feeling they did worse than they actually did. This is because they also indulged. BUT when you learn a strategy that gives you “permission” to honor all mindful choices, you actually eat less than you’d think
3. They did not pick and munch. They sat and ate, again, not even relevant to good or bad food
4. Same idea- so many people get too caught up in their lives they don’t eat all day. Here we had the opportunity to sit and eat. I told clients to focus on the mantra “eating well” vs not eating or I shouldn’t etc. if you took the opportunity to feel grateful and enjoy actually sitting to entire meals and with fam/friends you ate more balanced

I could go on and on but…. It’s the above that make my practice different. I look way beyond a list of foods, so much deeper if you want to break-free of the yo-yo weight. Needs time, but we get there ­čÖî­čĆ╗
Hope this helps put it in perspective

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