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New Year, SAME Me

by Beth Warren January 9, 2021

Starting to see a lot of this “2021” talk
and I definitely can see hindsight is 2020.
For me, personally, and what I’ve seen professionally, was we were thrown out of our comfort zones
and forced to reevaluate EVERYTHING.
There was no more running, because we couldn’t.
No more distractions, because we didn’t have any.
We had to take a big look at what was actually right in front of us
and DEAL
if we wanted to push through.
And we did šŸ’
because we’re still here.
And that makes us stronger than we ever knew possible.
Feel like we can handle pretty much anything 2021 turns out to be,
so I’m just doing what 2020 taught me to do- live in the now šŸ’›



(source: everyday girl)

1. Read a book that makes you laugh out loud

2. List five things you like about yourself

3. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while, but have been thinking about

4. Put on the fanciest face mask you have in your beauty arsenal

5. Take a nap (with #noshame)

6. Rearrangedecorate, or organize an area of your home that doesn’t make you happy

7. Do facial massage to release tension in your face (and boost glow!)

8. Listen to a podcast that inspires you

9. Add three more veggies to your next meal

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