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Quick Tips on How to Break a Fast

by Beth Warren July 1, 2018

🍉The major theme of break the fast is fluid!
*grab a tall glass of water for the first thing you break the fast and sip slowly. You may also want to try drinking coconut water, especially if you feel light headed.

🍉Consider starting your meal with a hot soup like vegetables, aside from slowing you down, it will add more fluids me fiber to start making you feel full. In the hot seasons, a smoothie will provide a similar benefit.

🍉Make one plate with a quality protein portion, a lot of non-starchy vegetables and a whole grain or starchy vegetable. If anything, you can have a second portion of carb (but that only means 1 full sweet potato or 1 cup whole grain pasta!)

🍉Drink fluid and have fiber-rich fruit on hand throughout the meal. When you feel like grabbing more of that high fat sembussak or cheese boureka, pop in a piece of watermelon-it will make you feel refreshed and satisfied

🍉Most importantly pace yourself! Your survival instincts are going to kick in so be ready for them and fight to eat and drink slow and steady!

🍉You may want treat yourself to one small food after your meal


🍉 Take a water bottle with you to bed. You most likely will wake up throughout the night thirsty.


🍉 Start the next day off write with a quality balanced breakfast such as avocado on sprouted grain toast with a fruit. A common mistake is for people to avoid eating the next day because their bodies are still sluggish. The best thing you can do is get yourself back on track as quickly as possible, eating about every 3 hours apart and staying incredibly hydrated.

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