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School Lunches

by Sarah Harari August 1, 2018

Packing School lunches too stressful? Packing school lunches for the kids can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be if we make it simple. It’s important that you do your grocery shopping(and container shopping )  in advance so that you have your refrigerator an pantry filled with healthy foods all the making it easier to prepare lunch for the kids . It is also helpful to plan the lunch menu in advance to make sure you have the ingredients home and ready to use .Here are some great lunches that are easy to prepare and will keep your child satisfied and nourished .

2 oz whole grain bread

3 oz tuna salad (prepare with light mayo and tuna in water)

cherry tomatoes

6 - 8 oz  yogurt

1 whole grain wrap

3 oz turkey

1 tbs light dressing

Lettuce and tomato

Sliced apple

2 slice whole grain bread

2 sliced eggs  

1 Tbs light mayo

Cucumber slices

6-8 oz yogurt

1 cup whole grain rice

3 oz grilled chicken  

1 tbs light dressing

Steamed broccoli

½ cup grapes

1 Ezekiel pita

3 slices cheese

Cut up veg with a Tbs light dressing

6-8 oz yogurt

½ whole grain pita bread

1 individual hummus

Carrot sticks

½ cup berries

1 cup ziti made with whole wheat pasta, cheese and tomato sauce

2 small Clementine


2 slice whole wheat bread

Slice grilled salmon


6-8 oz yogurt

1 medium baked sweet potato

Raw veggie salad with 1 Tbs light dressing and

3 oz grilled  chicken

1 orange



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