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Snack Ideas for the Beach and Pool

by Beth Warren June 4, 2019

A lot of times at BWN parents surprised by a weight gain in kids when they expected a loss because of the natural boost in physical activity during the summer. But what they aren’t accounting for is the boost in appetite as a result. Swimming in the pool, playing sports outside, swinging on the swings and other activities are WORK eventhough they are great fun, too (the best exercise combo!) So, be sure you have the RIGHT snacks on hand to fuel their little bellies and balance out the activity with what they are eating. Then, you can leave the other times for the special treats that scream summer like Italian idea and the ice cream truck on occasion.

Here are the key points to consider:
-Not be subject to melting
-Be able to get wet and have it still be good. (i.e., crackers that would obviously get soggy).
-Must be portable.
-Your kids should like them.

Dried Fruit:
-Bring a mixture of dried apricots, dried bananas, apples, raisins, mangoes, etc. Be sure to find varieties with no sugar added and ideally no sulfites added.

-Nuts. Mix them with your dried fruit, or eat them separately. Nuts kids tend to like are cashews, almonds, and pecans.

-Peanut/Almond Butter and celery (or apples).  If you’re on the go, grab the snack size pouches like Justin’s, Noosh and Barney’s . Nut allergies? Try no sugar added Sunflower Butter!
-Hearty Cereal like Barbara’s Puffins, original, cinnamon or multigrain 
-Dried Edamame, Broad Beans or Chickpeas: these nuts are high in protein. They kind of grow on you the more you eat. Try Hippeas, Chickapeas, or EatEnlightened
Sunflower or pumpkin seeds.


-Water!  Although there is water all around you, its important to drink and stay well hydrated. A lot of times kids will think they are hungry when they are really thirsty from all that activity and the heat.
-Juice. Make sure to check labels and get 100%, no sugar added juices.  Although it’s not necessary if you keep your child well hydrated with fluids like water or seltzer, it is a better alternative to pumping them with Gatorade or Powerade that are overused in the summer.

-Vegetables and dip. Hummus or Guac and carrots or cucumbers would stay pretty well in a cooler making the perfect snack when you need a crunch!
Hard boiled eggs. We love this snack! Keep it cool, and it will be a perfect protein and a kid favorite!

-Fruit/ applesauce. Another favorite of ours, and extra yummy when kept cold.  We like to bring melons like watermelon, apples, oranges, and grapes. There days there are no sugar added varieties that even come in resealable squeeze pouches!

-String Cheese. These are great because they are individually wrapped and super convenient. They come in part-skin (low fat) and regular.

-Single serving yogurts. Better yet, freeze them first! They’ll either be like ices or defrosted but chilled enough to eat in the hot temps!

-Wraps!  Make mini tuna veggie whole wheat wraps or other kid friendly combos like a pizza wrap!

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