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Sweet Potato Fries

by Beth Warren January 31, 2019

Sweet potatoes seriously aren’t given enough credit… Here’s why: 


Diverse balance of vitamins and minerals


Minerals: specifically iron and calcium - these are 2 out of 3 of the most essential and useful nutrients across all age groups. 
Vitamins: a significant portion of our requirement for B vitamins as well as vitamin C and A. Sufficient intakes of vitamins and minerals are necessary for maintaining vital functions all around the body (ie organ function, vision). 


Antioxidant and anti inflammatory powers 


A long-term key benefit of this vegetables lies in the antioxidants it contains; in the form of beta-carotene. By neutralizing and stopping the production of free radicals (science stuff), antioxidants are incredibly useful in fighting the damage inflicted by carcinogens (cancer-causing compounds), thereby reducing the risk of cancer. This is also aided by the natural anti-inflammatory compounds in sweet potatoes which have been shown to reduce inflammation in cells across the body. As a consequence, this reduces the risk of cancer and nearly every chronic disease, including obesity.


Weight loss


Part of the starch in this vegetable is resistant, meaning that it isn’t digested or absorbed by the body making it more satiating. Furthermore, although potatoes have a rep. for being too starchy, this is not necessarily a bad thing, their high fiber content makes the starch slow burning. This means it has a low glycemic index and so it won’t spike blood sugar levels, not only reducing the risk of diabetes but also helping regulate your energy levels. 

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