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The Best Cheesecake for Weight is the REAL One

by Beth Warren May 22, 2020

Shavout is around the corner, and it celebrates dairy foods.
It’s time:
Let’s chat cheesecakes.
If you like it, then have one.
EXACTLY as you like it.
None of this “non-fat, fake sweetened” frenzy of finding the most comparable tasting one to the real deal.
It just doesn’t exist.
The tip for eating cheese cake AND being mindful of your weight?
Eat the kind you like and just have less. 
Not because having less of one real kind saves calories versus another that cuts fat, sugar and therefore, you eat the whole thing,
(although it does), but because a little is actually ALL you will need to satisfy your craving since it’s actually the kind YOU LIKE!
#micdrop #rantover

Each year I get the most exciting fresh made cheesecake for my Shavout celebration. I can’t even tell you how quickly @chefudiezra cheesecakes get eaten each year on the @kmrtours trips. This is no exaggeration!
I watched in awe on the two retreats I ran for them,
how many times this pastry chef whips up a batch on the trip.
That’s why I was thrilled he contacted me to help tell ya’ll that he is NOW selling his famous cheesecakes for Shavout this year!
It’s worth seeing what all the fuss is about and definitely will squash that craving with less.
Contact @chefudiezra for delivery details.



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