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The Importance of Breakfast

by Sarah Harari August 1, 2018

You probably heard saying that; “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. It is very easy to skip breakfast when our morning is very busy and all we think of is to rush out of the door. Research shows that breakfast provides many health benefits from fueling our brain, providing energy throughout the day to helping maintain a healthy weight.  

    Having morning breakfast will manage the cognitive functions. The brain is fueled with glucose thus when we restore its levels we improve concentration, have better memory and performance at work or school. Also, breakfast might improve mood.  We can agree that when we are hungry we cannot think clearly, we get cranky and sluggish.

    We all require different calories intake for the day but whether we move around or sit we burn energy throughout the day. Well-balanced breakfast will provide the strength and endurance to engage in daily activities.  

    It is said that breakfast helps regulate healthy weight and there are few reasons for it. When we eat in the morning we help regulate hunger and keep the appetite under control. With this being said we avoid cravings later in the day and snacking on high fats/ sugar foods and avoid overnight eating. To have breakfast we also activate the thermogenic process and keep the metabolism working efficiently burning and storing the energy.

    So what kind of foods we should focus on when having breakfast? We should make sure to eat a well-balanced breakfast which consists of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and fiber.  Some of the healthy easy breakfast options to make or to grab when being in a rush;

*egg omelet and whole grain bread and fresh orange juice

*2 boiled eggs and banana

* low-fat yogurt with natural preservatives, chia seeds, and granola

*oatmeal with almond milk, nuts, and berries

*nuts or whole grain granola bars and apple

   As said, breakfasts have many benefits helps to maintain overall health and well-being but the key is to choose healthy options and eat the right portions.




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