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The Juggle is Real: How to Handle a Non-Scheduled Schedule

by Talia Seltzer March 16, 2020

With schools closed and people working from home, many parents are finding it challenging to juggle work and family in a way that we haven’t had to in the past. From making sure kids are stimulated, fed and happy to trying to get work done in a not so-conducive-to-work environment, it comes as no surprise that our personal wellness might fall to the wayside. 


Though we all want to wake up tomorrow and get a call that life will go back to normal immediately, this is unfortunately not the case. It doesn’t appear that this challenging situation is not going to end in just a few days so we at BWN are here to help guide you in the juggle in maintaining your mental and physical wellness.




    1.    Stay organized. 

Kids need structure and so do adults. Even if you don’t stick to it, writing down a schedule will help you feel somewhat in control. This will help you map out the day including times for kids school/playtime etc. and figure out where and when you can get your own work done/ cleanup around the house. Everyone is in the same boat and there are so many resources available. 


    2.    Have SET meals and snacks with your kids.

Use this time as an opportunity to have more family meals! Research shows that family meals have many positive correlations. Additionally, you will find it easier to prepare meals and snacks for yourself if you do it at the same time as your kids instead of waiting for that calm time that may not come. Get your kids involved in the process! Here are some ideas for snacks that will double as an activity (Win, Win):

    •    Make a smoothie together- balance the fruits with some protein (milk, yogurt, nut butter)

    •    Make ants on a log- celery sticks with PB and raisins

    •    Make your own trail mix- using all kinds of nuts for healthy fats and dried fruit


    3.    Prioritize YOU for a few minutes each day.

Not work, not kids, just you. A little “me” time can go a long way. Even just a 10 minute yoga session, a quick walk outside (if permitted) or a bath will help you reset and be able to tackle the next challenge that comes your way. 

    4.    MOVE together. 

The fact that school is out is leading us to become hyper-focused on academics and making sure kids won’t fall behind.  It is okay to take some focus away and have a family dance party or a family yoga session. Try this Yoga youtube video.


    5.    Be kind to yourself and stay calm.

It is easy so be completely overwhelmed by the current state of affairs. Anxiety does not help our physical or our mental health. Stress and anxiety can actually weaken your immune system. Take one moment at a time and one day at a time. Don’t let the anxiety take over. 

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