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by CD January 19, 2023

For most of us, winter break is coming right up! And if you're traveling to warmer clients, be aware that your training regiments may need a tweak. And even if you are not traveling to warm weather, or even traveling at all, I present to you a compilation of tips and tricks to get you through this mod-year time. In this special edition email, I included imperative pointers to keep in mind while working out in hotter climates, how to keep a healthy regimen and more. As always, scroll to bottom  If anything at all, it's a great plane read!


1. Working out in the heat is awesome, just make sure you continue hydrating immediately after said event. Your body continues to sweat to stay cool long after you have finished. If you stop hydrating or worse yet, head to the beer and snack table, you will slow down your recovery dramatically. So be sure to KEEP DRINKING WATER. 


2. Pack foods and snacks to go, because of the importance of not skipping meals or snacks. A few ideas are dried fruits (no sugar added and UNsulfured), like mango, apricots. Nut butters are great too - 1 TBSP is a snack and 2 is more meal sized. Be sure to make sure they are unflavored, natural and with no other additives. Light popcorn, cream cheese, and good quality yogurts are a few more was grabs on the go. CLICK HERE FOR HIGH PROTEIN EASY GRAB-N-GO TREATS  


3. Here's another health but not food related tip: UNPLUG YOUR PHONE. Whether you had the luxury of going away, or you're curled on your couch at home, take the time to literally unplug and turn inwards toward yourself and loved ones. It will do everyone a world of good and you will feel like a new, recharged human. 

 4. Related to the previous tip, plan a self- care day. To make the most out of your life and relationships, you need to refill your own bucket in order to give to others. Be sure to check in with yourself, do a quick meditation or even a spa day (whatever that may look like to you), if you are able to do so. This will ensure a revitalized and happier you. 


5. Lastly, treat yourself occasionally. Sometimes the restriction, the guilt, and the negative self talk can do a lot lot worse than that small indulgence. Choose a treat mindfully, while in control. Take a deep breathe, speak to yourself with love and kindness and most of all, use this time to reconnect with yourself and the ones close to you. 


Whichever tips or guidelines you may use, stick to them while also bearing in mind that winter break is a time that should be enjoyed with family. If you feel yourself slip or lose control, simply catch yourself and be sure to NOT compensate by skipping meals or snacks. Choose lovingly and wisely. 




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