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Wellness Retreat: Mind, Body and Soul

by Beth Warren January 30, 2019

My passion lies in food. It lies in helping people. When I realized I could fuse the two into an actual profession, it was fate.


What I realized over time through experience at Beth Warren Nutrition helping 100’s of clients per week, and with myself, was that long term changes for weight and health were far from being about what someone can or cannot eat. That’s the easy part. Anyone can cut 1,000 calories and lose weight. The wisdom lies in how someone keeps the weight off. And in order to do that, you have to hit all the influencers of change: body, mind and soul. Digging deep to the root of the issues of why they are where they are with weight and health and why they may be stuck in a cycle that pulls them back is key.


Therefore, when I was given the opportunity to run a wellness retreat for KMR Tours in Palm Springs, CA, during the first week of January, where I had the ability to design and direct a program that incorporated fitness for the body, menu consulting for the food and diet, and workshops with topics like mindful eating and self-care, it was the perfect fit.


There was no better place to incorporate the epitome of fitness that also helps cultivate the mind than hikes. We did 3. The first, an intermediate one, Tahquitz Canyon, was surprisingly challenging but also motivating given the age range we led through the trek.


The second, Ladder Canyon, was adventuress. Created by volunteers with the only sense of direction relied on by rocks that created arrows and words like “stop” to indicate where to go, and broken down ladders to get you in and out of the peaks and value, the hike was a lesson in your endurance and ability to push through the unknown and a little unsafe, aside form the physical benefits of the journey.



The third hike, Skull Rock. in Jonthan Park, took us through the gorgeous miles-long park famous for the Jonathan Trees. To see nature in its beautiful glory and learn lessons like “taking the easy way isn’t always the right way” when we reached a point that it looked better to take a step on a flat surface that could’ve been a slide downward vs going around, the longer way, but safer, were discovered all along the route.


Each day we had a nutrition and wellness session. From mindful eating, to self-care how-to’s, food demos, and private consults, we motivated our minds so they can work in tandem with our bodies. We learned how to lessen the guilt within ourselves over failures in the weight loss process, and become empowered with making ourself a priority in our busy lives.


Fitness also included fun classes like cardio dance, yoga, strength training and aquarobics. We didn’t allow the unseasonably cold temps to ward us off because we generated a lot of heat with our calorie burn!


Finally, there was the food component. It was important for us not to lessen the intrigue and celebration of being on a vacation. Chef Sol and team took the initiative seriously and created a “health and wellness” section at the meals. Guests felt excited and special to have a direct place to go if they wanted to keep to the healthy eating goals, or balance a healthy option with an indulging one. As always, KMR had a ton of healthy options in the main area as well, which only added the to abundance of delicious foods that allowed guests to feel as if the were on a vacation.



The feedback was incredible. It felt amazing to truly affect sustainable change in the guests- and when they’re on vacation no less! Finally a trip they could feel good about- mind, body and soul!


To run a Wellness Retreat for your group of friends, family or clientele, contact us here.

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