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What a weight loss plan SHOULD feel like

by Beth Warren May 13, 2022

It's hard to strike the balance between what it should feel like to lose weight, versus what will put you in weight maintenance and then weight gain.

I also understand that nobody wants to, nor should they, calorie count for the rest of their lives or do any "diet focused" mentality behaviors, which is why I built and teach my BWN strategy the way I do. With our guidelines and approach, it's a built in way to easily skew what you eat with a goal for weigh loss, maintenance or gain, after understanding the concepts, options and then focusing on the below FEELINGS.

Let me know if they give you the "AHA" moment you need to trust your intuition, let go of anxiety around food, and reach your weight goals!




The reality is that ultimately, a calorie deficit is necessary for weight loss. This does NOT mean that a plan should be calorie FOCUSED, and how our BWN strategy is different. It literally just means that there needs to ultimately be a deficit to lose weight. BUT this deficit isn't only related to one day, it is also one week, and even on month taken into account. We've developed our strategy around this science to ensure you are full and satisfied in each meal and snack, because we are nutritionally dense quality food focused and then we match the calories. Even the calories, we work with our state of the art inbody to asses YOUR specific resting metabolic rate, so even that is more personalized to ensure your calorie deficit is the minimal necessary to achieve weight loss.

BUT what weight loss is NOT is feeling RESTRICTED and MISERABLE. Yes, you will be UNCOMFORTABLE as it is still a deficit. RECOGNIZE AND BE ATTUNED TO THE DIFFERENCE IN FEELINGS. On a scale of 1-10 about an 8-9 is sufficient to lose. A 10 + is miserable, unnecessary, short lived and ineffective long term. It also typically skips a maintenance mode because it's so extreme you're either on or off.

Weight maintenance is a feeling like, "Eh, I'm okay." You're still trying hard and eating overall healthy but splurging when you feel, or taking an extra helping of something when you feel you want more etc. However, your general way of eating is mindful and healthful. In other words, you've learned the balance: little of this one day, not the next day." You're generally feeling comfortable, around a 5 or 4-6 on a scale of 1-10.



Weight gain is eating whatever you want whatever you want it, regardless of how you're feeling or how mindful you are. It's eating mindlessly. Whenever a food is front of you, you eat it. Whenever you're emotional, you eat. Whenever you're at a bakery, you take the donut on the counter to go. You only gain wait when you are not paying attention to yourself or what's around you or how you're feeling. It is absolutely unnecessary to "gain weight" consistently, over time and to an unhealthy point. Meaning, if this is happened you've never learned correctly and I urge you to come work with me because it DOES NOT have to be this way!

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