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What is Wellness?

by Beth Warren February 2, 2020

I ENDED my week long wellness retreat with the KMR Tours on this.
I left our last session an ambiguous one on the agenda entitled “closing session” because I wanted to see how the week panned out,
the type of crowd I got,
what I felt they took from it,
what I felt I took from it
and what we all could learn
and how we could grow together beyond the retreat itself.
So, I ended with a topic that you would think I would start with
because you couldn’t understand how the theme of our program came together until we lived the week that we did
focusing on all areas of wellness...


Wellness is a term that gets thrown around and most people don't realize that there is a true definition.


"Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life."


We broke it down into the four categories of wellness spirituality social mental physical and they quickly realized that the aspects of the way I planned the retreat focus on all these areas separately to take away point was that there will be times in our lives when one or some of these umbrellas wellness fall even do it for just a little or even for a short amount of time but what we can do it during those of the times is focus on the other areas wellness that we could ramp up or put more focus on. 


During this luxury trip in Palm Springs, the most celebrated part was the food and it was delicious. From Chef  Sol's led kitchen and Udi's pastries, we all wanted to indulge without guilt, which was another major part theme of the week. In order to do that and not feel guilty, it helped to put a little more focus on some of the other areas of wellness, such as coming to my workshops on meditation, my exercise classes, my workshops on mindful eating and more. By taking part in my retreat, we could truly enjoy and indulge without guilt because we weren't putting our wellness  on the side while vacationing, if anything we were enhancing it. So, thank you to KMR for having me for the second year and for all the guests were carved out just a little bit of “you” time and learning how to extend the feelings that you get from a vacation beyond it IRL.

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