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What Now?! Taking Back Control from COVID19

by Beth Warren May 15, 2020

“You’re going to be very busy after this quarantine.”
“My pants are no longer fitting.”
“I can’t shut my mouth.”

…are only some of the catch phrases being told to me on the daily, whether on social media messaging, from neighbors on my quarantine walks, family and friends. 


But guess what?


I don’t WANT to be busy because of the reason that you are feeling so defeated by the situation that you are just waiting for it to be “all over”, while gaining pounds you don’t want physically or emotionally.


I WANT to empower you to feel good about yourself and do something about it NOW!


Because YOU CAN.
Because it IS effective NOW.
Because you WILL get results, despite everything going on.
Because you CAN actually reach your goal.


If you are one of those people thinking, feeling or saying the above, then you CAN stop the downward spiral now. You HAVE to believe you can do this. We see our clients are doing it, why can’t this be you too? 


Short Answer: It 100% CAN


Let’s face it:


We were taken through a LOOP when this COVID19 situation broke out. Allow yourself to feel, it, own it, and in NO WAY feel guilty about it. Literally every health and weight challenge was forced onto you without you having ANY control over it. I feel you, I AM in the same boat.


BUT - 


The difference between us is and always will be what each decides to do about it. At this point, the reality is not as shocking. Take advantage of this new norm you had no control over, and take the control back by making it WORK FOR YOU.


Here’s what I decided to do and what I hear from many of my clients worked for them too

    1.    Logging my food - helps hold me accountable and catch what I may want to improve on quickly
    2.    Thinking of myself - making sure meals I make for the family have something that excites me to eat well too
    3.    Incorporating mindful treats - and NOT feeling guilty about it
    4.    Making time for myself to eat - especially breakfast!
    5.    Hydrating and moving daily

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