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When to Start Peeling a Layer of the Onion

by Beth Warren April 23, 2021

"I'm not following because:

'I need more options.'
'I need more recipes.'
'I'm sick of vegetables.'
'I can't get into it.'
'I don't know why.'"

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

That's okay!

My goal as a dietitian is to dig into the root of the issue as to why many of you express:

"I keep having to do this."
"Why am I like this?"
"Why can't I keep the weight off?"
"I can't stick to anything."

Do any of these sound familiar too?

It means there's more to the story that *just* following a paper,
meal plan ideas,

It's time to dig deeper.
How to start? 
By being a "spectator"-
taking a back seat as you through your day,
and observe what, how, why, when, and with whom you eat.
This is a judgement free zone.
With you and yourself.
To take a step back and gain an awareness of what is REALLY going on...
It's not so easy.
And it's scary.
But that's when the TRUE change happens.
Because it's not *only* the food,
but you felt that too, didn't you?

I'm here to help you through the process! You learn so much ABOUT YOU through the journey, if you open yourself up to the possibility that there may be more to the story, than *just* the food.
It's time to start peeling a layer!

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