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by Beth Warren April 24, 2020

 1.    Because you want to. Yes, it CAN be that simple. If a food is something you REALLY want to eat then don’t over think it. It’s those extra unhelpful thoughts around just eating something you really want that may lead to overeating it or continuing to eat poorly later.


2.    Just thinking about it is giving you such feel-good-feels. Already feel the mouthwatering sensation that hits your mouth from that piece of cake you’re craving? Does the thought put the biggest smile on your face like you can do a happy cheer right then and there, not caring who’s watching you? If so, you can be sure your indulgence will leave you with a positive and happy feeling. Contrary to what you may think, the feeling will only motivate you to continue onward eating a well balanced and healthy way because you FELT GOOD about mindfully treating yourself when you REALLY NEEDED IT, too.


 3.    You’re able to stop at one. If you’re truly craving a food that you know is worth it, you’ll be able to stop at one. When it comes from a happy place, not one of guilt or treating the food as “bad”, it’s a true satiating act of a craving not an impulsive and uncontrolled trigger for bingeing.


4.  You know it will create a “memorable food experience.” I’ve coined this concept when it comes to approaching a treat for myself. I like to ask myself if it will create a memorable food experience. Will I look back on it and not only remember the food, the taste, how it looked etc., but also what I was doing at the time, perhaps enjoying a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes with my kids, teaching my daughter how to bake cupcakes, eating a mickey mouse-shaped iced cream pop while walking through Disneyland with my family, or just remembering a feeling of calm as I indulged in a brownie with a cup of coffee on Sabbath morning in bed. If I can envision the enjoyment of the treat to be so much more than that, a happy memory I can look back on and feel good about, then that’s another reason to indulge.


Your attitude, physical and mental approach, is everything. This concept is what we teach with our BWN Method. Once our clients start our program and learn key nutrition strategies that include ALL facets of wellness, they find their own way to work in their “must-have” foods too. THAT part is the true measure of success.

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