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Wording for Weight Tips

by Beth Warren August 16, 2021

5 things you should STOP doing right now if you want to manage your weight:

1. STOP thinking all or nothing- 
there’s always SOMETHING you can do, and they add up if you’re consistent! Don't be discouraged by your mishaps. Just because you made one mistake, that doesn't mean the whole day has to be bad! Turn it into a good day with one mistake!

2. STOP thinking your total weight has everything to do with what you eat and how you look. Understanding and working with the entire body composition is the key.

3. STOP thinking NOT eating all day is “being good”- it’s actually one big reason why you’re not reaching your weight goals. It may be tempting to skip meals, but remember that you will achieve your goals one step at a time. Trying to go "cold turkey" never works.

4. STOP thinking overall health and wellness isn’t key to weight management- Maintaining proper mental health is crucial toward attaining a healthy body and ultimately, a healthy weight. Focus on YOU and your goals instead of comparing yourself to others. 

5. STOP dieting and start living- once you accept ALL the parts of you and your life, you’ll actually learn how to eat working WITH them, not against them, and get sustainable results. Start learning what and how you should EAT, and not how to diet. 

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