I’ll be honest: I can’t possibly recommend a food or recipe because it’s healthy if it does not taste good. I’ve tried a ton of recipes to make a healthy biscotti and they either did not taste yummy or they were not truly healthy. Simply swapping out fat ingredients for high sugar ones or eliminating sugar and adding artificial sweeteners does not constitute making a recipe healthy. The goal it to swap out the recipe as whole to be reliant on natural sugars and whole ingredients. I finally got a biscotti recipe right with this Chunky Biscotti. On my BWN plans, I al- low a treat a week. The treat can technically be one serving of whatever you fancy. The choice is yours. I do not get involved. HOWEVER, I would always encourage the treat to be a “clean” option. I, too, live by this principal and enjoy my treat each Saturday morning with my cup of coffee. Well, my palette will surely be ecstatic to treat on these biscottis. Enjoy!

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