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  • March 2020

    Healthy Little Food Swaps that Taste so Good

    Croutons might be your favorite way to add crunch to your salads, but you’re mostly topping your veggies with a bunch of...

  • March 2020

    8 Science-Backed Ways to Boost Your Immune System, According to Experts

    Eating the right foods, sleeping enough, and reducing stress can...

  • March 2020

    What Are Sulfites—And Are Their Side Effects Causing My Wine Hangover?

    In case you didn't know, sulfites...

  • March 2020

    How Many Calories Are in a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, Anyway?

    If you want to try and make the shake a little healthier, I would suggest asking for it...

  • February 2020

    How to Have a Healthy Purim – Advice from Beth Warren

    While Purim may be the most extreme, all holidays are challenging when it comes to healthy eating. Beth teaches that the key to enjoying holiday treats...

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