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  • November 2019

    What Nuts You Can And Can't Eat On Keto

    When you’re on a diet like keto, it’s easy to spend a lot of time obsessing about the things you can’t have, like OG-style ice cream and bagels. But nuts are kind of in a grey zone.. Here are the ones you should stock up on—and which you should definitely avoid. Check out what Beth has to say!

  • November 2019

    The Top Starbucks Holiday Drinks, Ranked by How Terrible They Are for You

    How much sugar do these treats really pack? Here, we break down the calories of your favorite Starbucks holiday drinks, rank them in terms of nutrition, and offer the healthiest way to enjoy them anyway. See what Beth has to say on handling these drinks!

  • November 2019

    Taco Bell Is Actually Home To So Many Keto-Friendly Dishes—If You Don't Mind Getting Creative

    It can be tricky to eat out when you’re on a diet....Well, here’s good news for Taco Bell fans sticking to a keto way of life: You can still eat at the chain without torpedoing your diet. Check out what Beth has to say on keto!

  • October 2019

    The Best Low-Carb Wines You Can Drink On The Keto Diet, According To Nutritionists

    Yep, the super-low-carb diet has even outed wine for it's carb content. Read below for Beth's tips! 

  • October 2019

    Pizza Hut Is Testing Out a New Plant-Based Pizza, But Is It Healthy?

    Pizza Hut just announced that its testing out a new plant-based pizza, complete with faux sausage. Read below for Beth's take on it. 

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